Social-Emotional Learning


Lessons and activities in SEL help students to:

 District Approved SEL  Programs  Services 

Elementary students have access to lessons and activities inspired by programs like Sanford Harmony, Second Step, and Skillstreaming. The Playworks program supports physical activity and socio-emotional learning through play at recess while youth gain skills in conflict resolution, interpersonal relationships, and leadership. 

Middle and high school students have Tobacco Use Prevention Education to learn communication and coping skills to prevent and reduce substance abuse. Programs teach about healthy relationships, setting and meeting goals, and responsible decision making.

For further information on SEL, please contact the ABC Cares Department at 21120.

 K-5th Grade

TK, Preschool, and Early Education Program 

Group and whole class lessons for Early learnng (TK) - Adolscents (12th) and Adult Transition Program 

TK - 12th Grade

Grades 7 - 12 

Early Childhood (Tk and Preschool) - 12th Grade