COVID-19: Parent Support

 & Tips for Talking with Youth

Los Angeles County Office of Education

LA County Office of Education (LACOE) guidance for adults when talking to youth about COVID-19.

Parent and Caregiver Support for Student Wellness at Home

National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN)

Coping in Hard Times for Parents (NCTSN)

COVID-19 Coping with Hard Times- Fact Sheet for Parents.pdf

Coping for Young Adults

COVID-19 Coping in Hard Times Fact Shet for HS And College Age.pdf

Parent/Caregiver Guide to COVID-19 (NCTSN)

NCTSN Parent Caregiver Guide to Helping Families Cope with COVID 19.pdf

En español :

NCTSN Parent and Caregiver Guide to Help Families Cope with COVID-19 (Spanish).pdf

Supporting Children During COVID-19 (NCTSN)

NCTSN COVID-19 Fact Sheet.pdf

Traumatic Grief COVID-19

NCTSN Helping Children with Tramatic Separation Grief Related to COVID-19.pdf

Activities for Children & Adolescents

NCTSN Simple Activities for Children and Adolescents.pdf

How Young Children Heal After Crisis

NCTSN After a Crisis - How Young Children Heal.pdf
NCTSN Fighting the Big Virus (Trinka and Sam).pdf
NCTSN Fighting the Big Virus - Trinka and Sam's Questions.pdf

Parent and Caregiver Mental Health and Wellness

NCTSN Coping with Hard Times for Parents.pdf

Coping in Hard Times (NCTSN)

NCTSN Taking Care of Yourself.pdf

Taking Care of Yourself (NCTSN)

Self-Care for Students and their Families.pdf

Self-Care for Students and Families

Additional resources and Tips for Talking with Kids

Coronavirus Kid-Friendly Powerpoint.pdf


#COVIBOOK Spanish.pdf

#COVIBOOK (Spanish)

National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) and National Association of School Nurses (NASN)

UPDATED NASP Helping Children Cope with Changes COVID-19.pdf

NASP: National Association of School Psychologists Guide

NASP Hepling Children Cope with COVID-19 (Spanish).pdf

NASP: National Association of School Psychologists Guide

COVID-19 Information

Daily Communication
Superintendent's Office

ABCUSD School Closure Hotline 

Phone: (562)281-7412